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Data is the most important part of an application, so protect yourself from failures or corruption by keeping consistent backups. In this article, I share how to back up a Postgres Database to an AWS S3 Bucket.

I love Typescript. And Environment variables are one of the essential parts of storing run-time configuration securely. But one of the most significant issues with using environment variables within a Typescript application is the lack of types. Let's say you are trying to use the PORT environment variable,

Replibyte Transformers

Transformers are one of the most powerful features of Replibyte. This post will demonstrate how to build a custom transformer using AssemblyScript.

Replibyte In Practice

Replibyte is a tool that makes it easy to migrate data from one database to another with steps to transform, subset, and encrypt data in between.

Side projects allow you to play in a sandbox with nearly no restrictions, so make the most of it and start small. Who knows what it could end up becoming!

Side Projects

An ESPP calculator to help you optimize how much you can earn with your company's ESPP


An application to help improve your long-term investing strategy

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